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I’ve shared so many different infographics over the years sharing the world’s most popular languages – or modified versions of that topic – that I thought I’d share a compilation.

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[OC] Most spoken languages in the world
by u/giteam in dataisbeautiful

Infographic: The World's Most Spoken Languages | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


The 100 Most-Spoken Languages in the World is a pretty nifty infographic from Word Tips. It’s not embeddable, but you can just go the ink.

This one is from Visual Capitalist, and you can see a bigger version with more information there:

This is the Language Each Country Wants to Learn the Most is from Visual Capitalist. You can find more information on it – and a bigger version – at the link:

This one is from Map: Language Difficulty Ranking For English Speakers:


This one is from Visualizing the Most Used Languages on the Internet: