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Over the years, I’ve shared several times about how I’ve printed out “walkthroughs” (directions about how to win the game) for online escape room and adventure games.

Then, students “pair-up,” and then take turns reading and playing the game.  There are usually simple prizes for the first few to reach its end.

They are super-energizing, and students are highly motivated to learn the English they need to win the game!

Unfortunately the end of Adobe Flash put an end to many of those game, and then people stopped making text walkthroughs for the games and, instead, videotaped them.

This year, I’m asking some peer tutors to start watching the walkthrough videos and convert them to text when they have time.  There aren’t as many of these kinds of video games around as there once were, and many are blocked by district Internet content filters.

But here are some of the resources I use to find these games now:


Team Bean Loop

Jay Is Games

Escape Juegos

Games For Change