To no educator’s surprise, a new study found that student cellphone use in the classroom hinder learning, especially for students who are experiencing the most challenges.

The research paper (not behind a paywall), Ill Communication: Technology, distraction & student performance, found that a cellphone ban was equal to an extra week of school.

I extremely skeptical of those kinds of quantitative projections.  Nevertheless, it’s clear that our school’s new ban on cellphone use in the classroom has had a very positive impact on learning.

Though I still have to remind a fair number of students each day about the rule, there’s very little resistance – if no – resistance to “complying” after hearing my reminder.  The number of those reminders are infinitesimal compared to the interventions I had to make last year.

Students are allowed to use their phones between classes and during lunch, and just have to keep cellphones in their backpacks.  I can’t imagine the logistical issues involved where schools have students put them in locked pouches, and I also just feel better about trusting students to keep them.

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