As you’ve probably heard by now, Google has announced that they will be ending their Jamboard feature a year from today:

We’re writing to let you know that we will wind down the Jamboard app next year, and offer integrations with industry-leading third-party whiteboard tools FigJamLucidspark, and Miro as alternatives for whiteboarding in Google Workspace. These popular tools have numerous advanced features that empower users to collaborate seamlessly together inside of Google Workspace.

It’s unfortunate but, really, whatever.  It’s just another lesson for us educators to not grow dependent on a tech company’s whims.

Their own announcement includes suggested alternatives.  Personally, I’m just going to have students go back to creating handwritten posters (obviously, that wouldn’t work if we every have to go back to distance learning – if that happens, I tend to think that Padlet would work well) But there are other possibilities:


Exploring Canva Whiteboard as a Jamboard Alternative is from TechNotes.

If You Love #Jamboard, You’ll Adore #Lucidspark: Elevating Every Student’s Voice with Lucidspark is from Techie Musin

Transition from Google Jamboard to FigJam: A Comparison of Collaborative Boards is from FLT Magazine, and is the best overview of the situation that I’ve seen.