rkarkowski / Pixabay


The NY Times article, A Time Capsule of Human Creativity, Stored in the Sky, describes The Lunar Codex this way:

Later this year, the Lunar Codex — a vast multimedia archive telling a story of the world’s people through creative arts — will start heading for permanent installation on the moon aboard a series of unmanned rockets.

The Lunar Codex is a digitized (or miniaturized) collection of contemporary art, poetry, magazines, music, film, podcasts and books by 30,000 artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers in 157 countries. 

You can see a pretty extensive sample of what they’re sending at the site’s website.

It’s a much bigger version of Voyager 1, which you can learn about at The Best Sites For Learning About Voyager 1 & Its Departure From Our Solar System.