Image from Google


Google just announced changes to Bard, its AI tool, the will become effective on Thursday and that are designed to make it more engaging for teenagers.

You can read all about it at How we’ve created a helpful and responsible Bard experience for teens.

Here’s a summary:

They’ve now matched ChatGPT by reducing the official and legal age for using it to thirteen (ot that any user has been paying attending to it, anyway). Since so many school districts block ChatGPT, even though they’ve had that age for awhile, I’m not holding my breath that many are now going to unblock Bard.

Paste a math problem into it, and it will now show you the steps involved in solving it. So many tools are available to do that now, so I’m not so sure that is going to be a big deal.

They say it will also be able to generate charts and tables. Now, this could be useful, if it actually works. I’ve had next-to-zero success in getting it to visualize data, and have had to use other AI tools.

We’ll all see how it goes!