(Note: Quote in text box is from The New Yorker)

I’ve written or edited thirteen books on education, plus second editions. Plus, I probably have a couple of more in me before I retire in a few years.

I had been planning on trying out writing novels at that time, and have done some preliminary planning.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has over the past year has disrupted many things in society, including my plans.  I’ve been trying to figure out AI’s impact on them.

So, I’m going to begin accumulating some resources to help inform my thinking.  If you, too, are thinking that you might have a novel in you, perhaps you can benefit from them, too.  And, please let me know what you think I might be missing:

A.I.’s Inroads in Publishing Touch Off Fear, and Creativity is from The NY Times.

I tried the AI novel-writing tool everyone hates, and it’s better than I expected is from The Verge.

9 Best AI Writing Tools: Amazing Options For Fiction and Nonfiction is from Kindlepreneur.

Peering Into the Future of Novels, With Trained Machines Ready is from The NY Times.

The Great Fiction of AI is from The Verge.

5 Best AI Story Generators in 2023 (Reviewed and Ranked) is from Elegant Themes.

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