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I have a new interactive Whiteboard, and have been trying to figure out how to use it effectively with my English Language Learner Newcomers.

Apart from showing videos of fireplaces during cold days,  I’ve mainly had small groups go to it to play English games – either when they have finished an assigned activity early, or have small group each day use it instead of our regular conversation or reading activities.

I have enough peer tutors that I can have one at the board who’s familiar with the different online games and can help students pick ones.

Here are the sites that are unblocked by our district filters and seem to have a good selection of games:


ICT Games

ESL Kids Games



Let me know if you have other suggestions of sites or more ideas on how to use it effectively with a full class.

I’m adding this post to The Best Sites For Smartboard Resources (& For Other IWB’s).

When it comes to “whiteboards,” I use a different type a lot: SOME “BEST” IDEAS FOR USING MINI-WHITEBOARDS IN THE CLASSROOM