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Google made lots of Artificial Intelligence-related announcements today, and you can read about them at The Washington Post article, Google pitches its vision for AI everywhere, from search to your phone.

Among today’s announcements was an unveiling of a whole host of tools geared towards learning called LearnLM, which you can learn about at Google’s post, How generative AI expands curiosity and understanding with LearnLM.

Pretty much everything on the list was underwhelming, and basically none of them are online now, and who knows when they will be. It was surprising to me that so much of what they talked about was in the future only.

However, they did release one thing that was very impressive – an online version of “Alice In Wonderland” where a reader could click on any sentence and AI would generate an image to illustrate it in the style of several artists.

Now that’s a tool that could help engage my students in reading if it became widely available.