Simon / Pixabay


You may remember awhile back when Google turned-off its AI Chatbot Gemini’s text-to-image generation ability because it was biased.

It’s still off, and you can read about it at TechCrunch.

It’s a little disappointing because I had found a way to use it in a cool way to help teach English Language Learners (see USING (OR, TRYING TO USE) GOOGLE’S GEMINI TO GENERATE “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE” IMAGES).

By accident, today I saw this video from Google online:

It discusses the ability to use Gemini in Google Slides to create images.

I went to my personal Google Slides account and found that all the prompts I used in the Gemini chatbot tool to create Spot The Difference images worked fine there.

I believe I was able to access that feature because I joined Google Workspace Labs on my personal account (it’s not a available on my school account).

All you have to do to join it is sign-up at the Labs Sign-up. There may or may not be a short wait.