There’s an interesting new study examining AI’s impact on student agency and learning, and it’s titled Impact of AI assistance on student agency (and it’s not behind a paywall).

You can read an excerpt from the abstract in the textbox above.  As you can see, researchers found that the content they produced improved, but not their learning or sense of agency.

It’s a bit difficult for me to fully understand the study because of its academic language, so I’m sure I’m missing some nuance, as well as other insights.

I gave my IB Theory of Knowledge students clear guidelines about the acceptable use of AI, which included “guard rails” that tried to ensure AI was enhancing their voice instead of the other way around (which is what appears to have happened in this study).

I think it worked fairly well.  Absent those kinds of clear guidelines, it seems to me many of our students may go in the direction pointed to by this study.

I’m adding this post to My Best Posts On Artificial Intelligence In The Classroom.