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The Brain & Poverty — Upcoming New & Potentially Useful Study

“Will we succeed? The science of self-motivation”

Very Accessible Report On The Importance Of Home Libraries

Here’s What I’m Doing For My Class Final Exam

Will Doodling Help Students Learn Better?

Very Important Study On Learning & The Brain

MovieClips Gets Even Better!

My Concerns About Charters

An Analogy For Bloom’s Taxonomy

Creating A Jazz Chant

Teaching Students To Write “Hooks”

“Eliminating the Achievement Gap Is Educational Alchemy”

“Motivating Students Via Mental Time Travel”

“Using A Star Chart to Teach English Language Learners” (This Post Is Not About Astronomy!)

Fotobabble Gets Even Better!

Here We Go Again: Private Foundations Have A Place (And Have To Be Kept In Their Place)

Comparing Online Translators

Instead Of Encouraging Students To Skip College, How About If We Help Them Get There & Graduate?

Lazyfeed Looks Good

“All 23 of the “Interesting Ways” presentations in one place”

The Best Critique Of “Value-Added” That I’ve Seen…

Versions of Etherpad Are Raining From The Sky…

Now This Is The Way To Make Academic Talks Accessible — Great Examples Of Graphic Note-Taking

“Anger At Our Children” (Or Our Students)


Some Excellent Classroom Management Advice

This Is Why We Have To Be Very Careful With Error Correction

“More Simple Ways To Introduce Reluctant Colleagues To Technology”

Some Great New “TED Talks” Resources

Nice Endorsement Of My ELL Book

What Does A Study On Voter Turn-Out Have To Do With Working With Students?

“How Americans See Europe”

Performance Assessment

ZooBurst Looks Super-Cool!


April, 2010 “Top Ten” List

“Finishing The Dream” Is Impressive


Crocodoc Becomes Number One!

Nice Review Of My ELL Book

More Test-Prep Hints

“The Hubble Telescope’s Greatest Hits”

Let’s Write A Book Together!

“Top 40 Nature Photographs Of All Time”

Getting Students To Talk About What They’re Reading &”Book Talks”

Here’s Yet Another Possible Self-Control Strategy — And I Really Like It…

Another Self-Control Strategy?

Talking With Students About Standardized Tests

Test-Prep Tips

EducoPark For “Life Lessons”

“100 Places To Remember Before They All Disappear”

Advice On Giving Advice

The Problem With “Bribing Students”

What Can Teachers Learn From Terrorists?

BBC News Globe

Rethinking Schools Article On Teach For America


Concerns & Questions About The “Talent Transfer Initiative”

“Getting English-Language Learners to Thrive”

The First Review Of My New Book!

“Read A Children’s Book” Form For Students

Great Interview With Diane Ravitch

What Can Students Learn About Self-Control From President Obama?

Why Haven’t I Posted About Palm Breeze CAFE Before?!!?!

More On The Problem With “Bribing Students”

My Book On Teaching Engish Language Learners Is Now Available

New Study Shows That Paying Students For Higher Test Scores Doesn’t Work

Gratitude Letters & Student Achievement

Would Arne Duncan Have Eaten The Marshmallow?

“Disadvantaged students reap most financial return from college education, study finds”

“Mental Imagery” & Success

Make Your Textbook Come Alive!

Better Self-Control = Better Grades

Encouraging Low-Income Students To Go To College

Now You Can “Search Inside” My Book On Engaging Parents In School

“Timelines: Sources From History” Is Pretty Impressive

“Scientists find how relaxed minds remember better”

Interview Of The Month: Carrie Rose From The Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project

“Book Discussion Group Guidelines”

“Be Niiiiiicccccceeeee”

“Home Libraries Provide Huge Educational Advantage”

March, 2010 “Top Ten” List

Giving Students “Reflection Cards”

More On Test-Day Brain-”Priming”

Another Way For Students To Strengthen Self-Control?

“Connect With English” Video Series & Worksheet

Packing Away Your Troubles…

“Is Education on the Wrong Track?”

NY Times Launches Great Way For Students To Write For An Authentic Audience

“What Can You Do To Finish The Year Strong?”


“Requests Work Better Than Orders…”

One Way To Help Students Who “Shut Down”?

Crocodoc Gets Even Better!

“Self-Control As A Limited Energy Resource” In The Classroom

“Can The Brookings Institution Really Be That Clueless?”

Why I Oppose Teach For America Coming To Sacramento

More On Drinking Water & Test Scores

Drinking Water Helps Students’ Brains (& Their Test Scores)

“On The Importance Of Being Unprincipled”

“What Does It Mean To Be Human?”

Asking Questions Improves Your Memory


What Are The Oldest Living Things On Earth?

“When You Expect Rapid Feedback, the Fire to Perform Gets Hotter”

“High Learning Leads To High-Earning”

“How Do You Think Your Mother Felt When I Called To Say You Were Doing Well In Class?”

“To Hell With Good Intentions”?

How Do You Think Working Hard & Learning Everything You Can In This Class Might Help You Now & In The Future?

Make A Monster

“Prizing English Language Learners”

Why I Write This Blog

Nominate A Blogger For “Blog Of The Month” & A Twitterer For “Twitterer Of The Month”

Did You Know That THE Key To Saving American Education Is Firing Bad Teachers?

Display The Letter “A” On Test Days & Your Students Will Do Better?

The Importance Of Good Endings

What Snacks Do You Give Students On Test-Taking Days?

“Are You Going To Have A Good Day Or Bad Day Today?”

“Gotta’ Keep Reading” Is A Not-To-Be-Missed Video

“What’s Your Reading History? Reflecting on the Self as Reader”

Two Ways I’m Using Our School Library

Helping Students Who Are Grieving

Very Interesting NY Times Magazine Article On Teaching

“Rebuilding Destroyed Cities”

Movieclips Is Now Available “Globally”

“Should Have, Could Have: What Parents Regret About High School”

More Results From Students Visualizing Success

“How The Average American Spends Their Day”

What Does The Navy Seals Training Program Have To Say About Students Visualizing Success?

What To Look For In A Classroom

February, 2010 “Top Ten” List

“Languages smarten up your brain”

I Like Fotobabble

Third Anniversary Of This Blog — What Have Been My Most Popular Posts?

“Myths of Independent Reading”


A Question On Teacher Attire

The Power of “Touch” In The Classroom

A Lesson Highlighting Community Assets — Not Deficits

Have You Ever Felt Like You & Your Students Are “Enduring” Class Instead of Enjoying It?

The Saddest School-Related Statistic I’ve Heard In Awhile….


TIME Magazine Can Do Better Than This…

“Idolizing Just One Person Undermines The Struggle”

Students Annotating Text

If You Teach ELL’s In Grade Six Or Above, These Are “Must-Have” Resources

Call Me Cynical, But I Just Don’t Think This Workbook Is Going To Help Us “Close The Achievement Gap”

Useful Writing Exercise For Helping Students Develop Self-Esteem

Story Jumper Looks Good

I’ve Never “Motivated” A Student

“School Secretary Fired For Translating For Parents”

Persuasive Essays, Low-Income Communities & The Census Count

A Really Nice Online Writing Exercise

“Will Sleeping More Make Me Smarter?” — A Lesson I’m Trying This Week

Universcale Looks Pretty Amazing

On Rewards & Classroom Management

Are Some School Reform Technocrats Using Failed Urban Renewal Projects As Their Blueprint?

Interview Of The Month: Marvin Marshall On Positive Classroom Management

“A History Of The World”

“If it is familiar, it has not eaten you yet”

Excerpt From My Upcoming Book On Teaching English Language Learners

January, 2010 “Top Ten” List

“Giving Classrooms a Purpose”

More “Fun Theory”

“Point, Quote, Connect”

Updates On Some Classroom Lessons & Research I’ve Been Doing

Update On My ELL Book

Newscred Looks Good

1 Cast For Video News

A Growth Mind-Set For Educators

“How to have more self-discipline”

How Do You Use Photos In The ELL Classroom?

How Much “Content” Knowledge Do You Really Need To Be An Effective Teacher?

Update On My Website For Students

How Do Students Feel About Using Computers To Help Learn English?
Newest Assessment Results From Family Literacy Project


Interview Of The Month: Jim Burke
My Thoughts On Seth Godin’s Post “Without Them”

Class Blogs

A Few Reflections On Daniel Pink’s New Book, “Drive”

Thanks, Thomas Edison, For The Light Bulb, Phonograph and…the SAT?

More On Saying “I’m Sorry” To Students
I Love This Quote From Education Secretary Arne Duncan

“Dumb Arguments for Stupid Ideas”

“How Not To Communicate With Parents”

More Research On Self-Control

If You Drop-Out Of High School, You’ll Be Less Healthy

“William And The Windmill”

I Like Sprixi

Academic Research Has Its Place, But It Also Has To Be Kept In Its Place

Intriguing Study On Self-Control
Helping Students Respond To Writing Prompts

How I Organize My Classroom Library

Students’ Personal Space

Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes

December, 2009 “Top Ten” List

What Are Small Learning Communities?

Want To Know What’s Happened Since My “Marshmallow” & “Visualizing Success” Lessons?

“Looking At Every Problem As An Opportunity….” Lesson — More Advice Needed

Creating A Lesson On “Blaming Others” & Need Your Help

Interview Of The Month: John Norton From The Teacher Leaders Network

Kngine Might Be An Excellent Search Engine

“Earning Power: A Visual Survey of 80 Occupations”

Student Goal-Setting Lesson I’m Trying Out On Monday

Report On How Goal-Setting Lesson Went

Thinkmeter Looks Neat

“Shake, Rattle And Slide”

English Central Gets Even Better

The Importance Of Saying “I’m Sorry” To Students

“Movieclips” Is A Real Find!

Improvisation In The ESL/EFL Classroom — At Least In Mine

Evaluating Teachers In Order To Fire Them?

A Not To Be Missed New Website: Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People’s History”

Is Figuring Out How To Make Schools Better A Puzzle Or A Mystery?

November, 2009 “Top Ten” List

The Best Piece Of Classroom Management Advice I’ve Ever Read

Mugurdy Search Engine

“Be A Martian”

What Alice Mercer Saw When She Observed My Class

Do Teachers REALLY Come From The Bottom Third Of Colleges? Or Is That Statistic A Bunch Of Baloney?

The Difference Between Praise & Acknowledgment

“A Parent Engagement Model That Works”

Meeting Testing Goals By Lowering Standards

“Bracey Report on the Condition of Public Education”

A Few Simple Ways To Introduce Reluctant Colleagues To Technology

“I just thought it would end differently this time”

“I Notice”

Neat Lincoln Memorial Interactive

When You Have A Sub…

Compasses Or Road Maps

October, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

“Blinded By Reform”

“Planet Quest”

Great Picture Book Maker

“I Like This Lesson Because It Make Me Have a Longer Temper” (Part One)

Update On My Books

“Funniest videos about teaching / learning English”

Interview Of The Month: Claus von Zastrow From The Learning First Alliance

What Would Paulo Freire Do If He Was A School Superintendent?

Linklist Is A Winner

“I Made My Agreement With Mr. Ferlazzo And Kept It…”

Want To Talk About Classroom Management Issues?

“I Was Disappointed With What Happened Yesterday…”

Getting Our Students & Their Families Thinking About College

“The Fun Theory”

Incredible New Site On Cave Of Lascaux

“Audience Sounds”

You Need To Check-Out “English Central”

When Are Teenagers In The “Flow”?

“One Survivor Remembers” Available For Free

“What Would You Tell Your Parents You Learned In Class This Month?”

“I Know My Brain Is Growing…” Slideshow Of Student Work

“Why Rising Test Scores May Not Mean Increased Learning”

September, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

“ELL 2.0: How to Make the Most of the Web”

My Book On Teaching English Language Learners

“This Is Your Brain On Learning”

What Is School Leadership?

Job Voyager Is Very Cool!

“The Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes”

“Now I Know My Brain Is Growing When I Read Every Night”

“How Much Is A College Degree Worth?”

“State’s exit exams deserve a failing grade”

Reading Logs — Part Two (or “How Students Can Grow Their Brains”)

Shamans In Hospitals — Wow!

The Hopes And Dreams Of My Students

“Seeing The Forest Through The Trees”

Scribble Maps

Concerns About Book “Leveling”

The Best Part Of The President’s Speech & How I’ll Use It

Use Storybird To Create A Story

Great New Website From The BBC For Math, English & Science

The United States (& The World) As A 100 People

“Test scores poor tool for teacher evaluation”

August, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

New Blog Reminder

Paying Students For Increased Test Scores

The League Of Scientists

“Fifty Stimulating Classroom Starters”

What Do You To Make Sure Small Groups Work Well In Class?

Do You Want To “Build Influence”?

When To Teach Vocabulary

Answers To “What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?”

“The Truth About Grit”

The “Wizard English Grid” Is A Nifty Teaching & Learning Tool

New Article On Teachers Making Home Visits To Parents

What Kind Of Feedback Should We Give Our Students?

“How Different Groups Spend Their Day”

Why I Support The Cellphone Ban At Our School

My Thoughts On A Very Intriguing Video On Motivation & Incentives

“Next Generation Learning”

“Data-Driven” Versus “Data-Informed”

July, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

Make Neat Geography Games With “Map Battle”

Some Great ESL/EFL Resources

Google Voice & English Language Learners

PinDax Is Similar To Wallwisher

What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?

ProProfs Does It Again — This Time With Polls

“Rooh It!” Looks Good For Webpage Annotation

“Newsy” Is Neat!

Where To Find The Most Popular News Stories On The Web

Student Evaluations Of Summer School Class

Exceptional New History Site

Results From My Year-Long U.S. History Tech Experiment

Flash Meeting Looks Great For Real-Time Collaboration

“EFL Teaching Recipes”

My Entire U.S. History Curriculum Is Available Online

Bloom’s Taxonomy For Language Learners

“How To Use Leftover Class Time Wisely”

I’ve Begun A New Blog — “Engaging Parents In School”

June, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

Most Popular Education Articles On The Web

Solar Symphony Game

“Raising Walls”

“Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?”

“Interesting Ways” Series On Using Web 2.0 Apps In Schools

PhotoPeach Gets Even Better

The 200 Most Popular Museum Websites

“Welcome To The Web” Is An Exceptional Site

“New” Color Photos Of Hitler


What Do You Do On The Last Day Of Class? (Part Two)

I Like “Yarp”

May, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

“Playing History”

“Tools For ESL Lesson Planning”

More On Engaging Parents

“The Last Day Of Class”

The “Most Popular” Blogs That Might Also Be Useful To Educators

“The Best Teacher I Ever Had”

TED Talks With Subtitles

My “Verdict” On Twitter

Blerp Is A Winner

Sketchcast Is Back!

Digital Research Tools

“The Seven Secrets Behind Great Teaching”

Ben Franklin Timeline

Kindersay Is Back

“I’ll Work If You Give Me Candy”

“How David Beat Goliath: When Underdogs Break The Rules”

Culture Crossing

“Fascinating Egyptian Mummies”

April, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

Titatok & Tar Heel Reader For Student Writing — Again

Wallwisher Is A Winner — Big Time!

“Come On, Our Schools Aren’t That Bad…”

I Really Like “Next Stop” For Student Writing

Note Pub Might Work Great For Publishing Student Work

Intriguing NASA Interactive


Mindopia For Career Exploration

Extraordinary Photos

Word Ahead

“The Art Of Storytelling”

What Do You Do To Keep Students (And You!) Focused Near The End Of The Year?

NASA At Home & City

March, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

Updated Multilingual Glossary Of Academic English Vocabulary

Excellent Immigration Graphic

MapBuzz Is An Easy Tool To Use

Accessible Multiple Intelligence Test

Two Hundred “The Best…” Lists!

National Curriculum? No Thanks

Not Bad Advice For Teachers

February, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

* Awesome Stories Has Just Gotten More “Awesome”

* Virtual Grammar Lab

* Favthumbs Could Be Very Useful To Teachers

* I’m Adding “Themes” To Several “The Best” Lists

* Citizenship Quiz

* Simply Box Might Be A Winner For Research

* Kid Rex Search Engine

* USA Today Weather & Climate Interactives

* Top Notch Citizenship Resource

* Superb English Site Back Online

* A Good Collection Of Clozes

January, 2009 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

* Dictionary Added To Best Reference Site

* Screentoaster Is Now Open To The Public

* Mel Zoo Is An Excellent Search Engine

* Simple Technology Guides

* Pixcetra

* Pete’s PowerPoint Station

* FinAid For College Help

* Capitol Words

* Miniature Earth

December, 2008 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

Two Excellent Sites For Beginning Readers

Classroom Management Article

Grapevine Is Great For English-Speaking Practice

Gizmoz Is Good For Speaking Practice


School Content Filters

Living Wage Calculator

ELL/ESL/EFL Carnival Is Up!

November, 2008 “Top Ten” List

In addition to my most recent “The Best…” lists, here are my choices for this month’s “best” posts (not in order of preference):

* “The Best…” Lists Reorganized

* Wectar Adds Nice Feature

* Voice Of America Special English — From China

* A Good Question For Classroom Management

* Incredible Website Launches Today!

* Tar Heel Reader Update

* Smhoop

* Another Neat Online Spelling Bee

* Screentoaster Is Excellent For Speaking Practice

October, 2008 “Top Ten” List

In addition to the most recent “The Best…” lists, my choices for the “Top Ten” posts of this month (not in order of preference) are:

* More Great Resources From Oxford Press

* Open Road TV

* Wectar For Recommendations

* An Exceptional Reading & Writing Site

* Messianic Arrogance?

* Bay Bridge 360

* Your Disease Risk

* Tizmos

* Excellent Flowgram On Web Tools For Language Learners

* “Why Do You Let Others Control You?”

* What A Great Way To Write A Book Review!

* Scribblar Is A Cool Tool

September 2008 Top Ten List

Apart from recent “The Best…” lists that I’ve written, here are my picks for September (not in order of preference):

* One Of The Coolest Online Music Tools Ever

* Know How 2 Go

* Great Environmental Teaching Tools For California Students

* “Web 2.0 For Dummies”

* iKnow! Has Extraordinary Potential

* Cambridge Ventures Arcade

* Listen & Read

* Lessons For Living Well

* Communicating With Students

* Pic-Lits

Summer 2008 Top Ten List

Here are my picks for the best posts of the summer so far, excluding my many new “The Best…” lists:

Reach The World Geo Games

Human Footprint Interactive

After The Deluge

Talking Pets

Green Planet Search

Planet Science

The Broth Is A Great Find!

English Interactive

Upcoming Student Technology Projects

Embedded Learning Portal Again

June 2008 Top Ten List

Here are my picks for June, excluding several new “The Best…” lists:

Extraordinary U.S. History Site

“Seven Secrets Of Student Learning”


Tox Mystery

280 Slides


May 2008 Top Ten List

Here are my choices for May (they’re not in any order of preference):

Tutpup Math & Spelling Games

More About Maintaining A “Good” Class

Beat The Clock

Listen And Write




Splashcast & Qlipboard

Interested In Joining Our Sister Classes Project In The Fall?

Gut Instinct

Explore A Pyramid

April 2008 Top Ten List

This month, I wrote quite a few “The Best…” lists. Instead of listing all the new ones here, I’d encourage readers to just go to Websites of the Year to find them.

I’d like to list five additional posts, too:

YAKIToMe Converts Text To Speech

Tikatok Is Great!

Zip Code Census Dashboard

Play The News

“Burbank Students Use Blog To Learn English”

March 2008 Top Ten List

Here are my choices for March:

I’ve written several new “The Best….” lists. I won’t list all the new ones here, but you can find all of them at Websites Of The Year.

Here are my other favorite posts for this month:

ESL/EFL Sister Classes Project

Hospital Connection

Visual Geography

Article About Our School Getting Out of School Improvement

New “Best Search Engine” For English Language Learners

Home Computer Project Update

The “Digital Vaults” Are An Incredible Find!

The Goals Of Education

February Top Ten List

This month includes several of the newest “Best of…” lists I’ve compiled. I won’t bother listing them here, but you can check them all out on my Websites of the Year.

The others include:

What Are You Doing In That Computer Lab?

Pixton Comic Strips


Teacher Book Wizard

Breathing Earth

Create An Online Scavenger Hunt With Zunal

January Top Ten List

This month includes the five newest “Best of…” lists I’ve compiled. I won’t bother listing them here, but you can check them all out on my Websites of the Year.

The other five are:

Make My Face

Spelling City

Scribble States Game

TechLearning Article on ESL and Video Games

Traveler IQ Challenge

December Top Ten List

Excellent Web 2.0 Guides


Physics Life & Instructify

Daft Doggy Does It Again!

Animated Idioms

Show Beyond Audio Slideshows Again

Flashback History Movies

Neat Music Sites

To Filter, Or Not To Filter? Is That The Question?

Best November Posts

* Browser Books Again

* Translating and Listening

* Kid-Friendly Simon Sez Santa

* Another Fantastic Service From Daft Doggy

* Newspaper Article On Our Home Computer Project

* One True Media

* Does Using Technology Add Value To The Classroom?

* Tumblr

* Maps Of The World

* Launchball

Best October Posts

Amazing New Webquest Tool

Free Rice Game

Problem/Solution Essays


“In Practice” Post

News For English Language Learners

Another Ecological Footprint Calculator

Everyday Life

Create A Talking Picture

Wonderful Panoramas


Excellent Online Language Program

Top Twelve” Posts In September

* Home Computers & English Language Learning

* Extraordinary Research Site

* Trading Cards

* Online ESL Journals

* A Zillion More Talking Stories

* What Do You Do In The Computer Lab?

* Wordbuilder

* Bite Size Math and Literacy

* HippoCampus For History, Government & Math

* Another TechLearning Article

* Fantastic Cambridge Sites!

* Awesome Stories

August Top Ten Posts

* International Reading Association Award

* Using Online Video Games For ESL

* More Talking Stories

* Computers and Relationships Article

* The Best Online Slideshow Creator Yet!

* Great New Slideshow Creator

* Top Ten Tools

* Nishi School Games

* Embedded Learning Portal

July’s Top Ten Websites

* Great Site For U.S. History Projects

* Musical Game Room

* Amazing Karaoke Site

* ESL Listservs

* Back-up Storage

* New TechLearning Article

* Literactive

* What Was There?

* Twenty Questions Game

* Create Video Quizzes (this is actually from a few months ago, and I just realized that I’ve never put it on a Top Ten list)

Top Ten Websites For June

* Talk Dog

* Screencasts & ESL

* Another Online Video Game

* Favorite Game Sites

* Create a Medieval Tapestry

* E-Cards

* Online Talking Stories

* Picture Sentences

* Be a Detective

* Student Trips

May Top Ten List

Make a Slideshow Online

Making Faces

Create Video Quizzes

Temporary Student Email Addresses

Make a Virtual “You” (three websites are highlighted in this post)

Profile America

Free E-Mail Newsletters on Education

FOSSweb Online Science


April’s “Top Ten”

* “Creating” Online Videos with English Language Learners

* Hello World English

* Easy Online Film-Making

* Two Best Beginning To Read Sites

* Easy Geography

* Face Match

* Many Math Activities

* Citizenship

* English 180

* Talking Stories

* Samuel L. Jackson, My ESL Students, And Me

March Websites of the Month

Photo Books

International Reading Association Award

Phrase Builder

English 180


Talking Stories

Science Translations

The Learning Edge

Intriguing Way To Learn Vocabulary

Talking Dictionary