Author: Larry Ferlazzo

Recent Blog Carnivals

Here are two recent Blog Carnivals (compilations of posts around a specific theme) that readers might be interested in: Carnival of Mathematics #44 198th Carnival of Education And, of course, don’t forget that there are...

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Congo Tragedy

Médecins Sans Frontières and MediaStorm have collaborated to produce Condition: Critical, Voices from the War in Eastern Congo. It’s a moving, informative, and disturbing audio slideshow about the on-going war in the...

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Thanksgiving Flashcards

Elizabeth Barnwell has created a nice series of online flashcards about Thanksgiving. The language is accessible, and a good number have images, too. I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Teach and Learn About Thanksgiving....

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The Real Story Of Squanto

I’m going to add three new resources to The Best Sites To Teach and Learn About Thanksgiving.  The caveat is that if you are going to use the most obvious and most accessible one, I believe it’s critical that at...

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Zaplive TV

I’ve posted about Selfcast. In fact, it also made it onto The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education — 2008.  It lets anyone with a webcam immediately broadcast over the web for free, and anyone (without registering) can...

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