Author: Larry Ferlazzo

Home Computer Project Replication

Since the Sacramento Bee article on our Family Literacy Project appeared two weeks ago, the Sacramento School District and I have received a number of inquiries from other districts and teachers who are interested in replicating...

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Ancient Games

The British Museum has a site that allows you play games online that ancient cultures enjoyed. I’ve placed links to the Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet and to the Royal Game Ur from Mesopotamia on my World History page...

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SMILE is a free application from Michigan State University that let’s you create, and then hosts for you online, numerous language development activities. You can create clozes (fill-in-the-blank), drag-and-drop exercises,...

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I just learned about a new site called LookyBook from Kevin’s Meandering Mind.  It allows you to “flip” through all of the pages of a growing number of recent picture books.  You can also choose ones to keep on...

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