Author: Larry Ferlazzo

Library Video Game

David Rosen, who has a great list of ESL resources, recently shared on a listserv about an online Library Game used to help students learn about using a library to find useful information. It was developed by staff at Arizona...

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Blog Day 2007

This is Blog Day 2007.  Bloggers around the world are being encouraged to highlight five newer blogs that might target a different audience than their own. Here are my five: * Adventures of an Urban Reading Teacher shares the...

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My original post for the Comedian Constructor had the wrong link.  I was able to change it in time before it went out to email subscribers, but not to those who receive updates via RSS. Here’s the correct link to Comedian...

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School Starts Tuesday!

Our first day of school is this coming Tuesday.  It should be an exciting year in a number of areas. In terms of technology, we’re continuing our Family Literacy Project providing computers and home DSL service, and will...

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