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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

One More Olympic Site

Linda DeVore was kind enough to send along a link to Pat Elliott’s Olympic Page. Pat is a school librarian, and has put together quite an impressive site that also includes many lesson plans. I’ve added the link to...

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Reach The World Geo Games

Reach The World has a couple of Geo Games that are a little different from many of the other map games you can find on my Geography page. In these timed games, which also have various levels of difficulty, you drag countries,...

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Website Issues

You might have noticed over the past week that some pages of my website have been off-line for short periods of time. Minds greater than mine are tracking down the problem, and I’m sure it will be fixed soon. Share...

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Disaster Preparation Quiz

How Prepared Are You If Disaster Strikes? is an interactive from The New York Times that should be accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners. It’s not “worthy” of being added to The Best Websites For...

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