Author: Larry Ferlazzo

Design Your Own Website

It’s just soooooo easy for teachers, and students, to create their own websites these days. Mashable just posted a Web Design Toolbox listing over fifty applications, including many for beginners.  I posted that link on my...

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Great New Slideshow Creator

I’ve written in the past about MixerCast and how easy it is for English Language Learners to make online slideshows using that web application. Well, I’ve found a new site that does all the same things (and...

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New Science Links

I’ve recently put several new links on my Science page (I’m talking about the Science page for English Language Learners, not the other Science page for very advanced or native speakers).  I’d like to highlight...

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More Top Ten Tools

Ana Maria Menezes , an EFL teacher in Brazil and a leader in the Learning with Computers Yahoo Group, has added her Top Ten web tools to the list I posted about yesterday.  Check it out, and submit your ten, too. Share...

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Make an Online Birthday Cake

Theoworlds allows you to make an online Birthday Cake.  You can design its shape, decorations, borders, candles, etc.  You can also write a card that goes with it.  Students can then email the url of their creation and card, and...

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