Author: Larry Ferlazzo

News Updates

News Flash Five is produced by PBS, and is an online news program targeting young people.  It has animated characters, with audio, reporting on current events.  It’s a great site, and it’s made even better by having...

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Great Search Engine

There are a zillion search engines out there, but a few stand-out for their unique qualities. I mentioned one in a previous post — Ask Vox, which allows you to ask a question and then actually hear an avatar speak the...

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Talking Stories

There is a new, at least to me, site called Scribd that I have just discovered, and I’m very excited about it.   This site allows you to type a document on your computer, easily upload it to Scribd in seconds, and then the...

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I have a new link to an excellent Pronunciation Course from English-Online.  It has a series of graduated listening exercises to help English Language Learners distinguish between confusing letter sounds (p and d; s and sh,...

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Science Translations

Periodically, I will highlight a particularly interesting link that has been on my website for awhile instead of talking about a new one.  Today, I’d like to point out the MacMillan/McGraw Hill California Science site for...

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