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August 30, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Photos: Ready To Begin New School Year!

Our school year begins on Thursday, and my classroom is ready!

I’m excited, though a little concerned feeling this exhausted after spending two days preparing things – how am I going to feel after the first two days of teaching? Thankfully, I’ll have a three-day weekend to recover and, by then, I hope I’ll have my “teaching legs” back!



August 29, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

A Milestone – There Are Now Exactly 1,600 “Best” Lists!


With the posting of my most recent “Best” list, the total number of them has hit 1,600!

You can see them all categorized here: My Best of Series!

You can see them all in chronological order of posting here: My Websites Of The Year

As regular readers know, I am continually adding new links to many of the lists.  Over the years, I’ve also haphazardly been periodically revising them completely and cleaning out dead links.

However, a few months ago I began a more systematic revision, and have done full revisions on two-hundred of them so far.

I hope you’ve found them as useful to your teaching as I’ve found them to mine!

August 29, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Video: “Navigating the Common Core with English Language Learners”

I did this interview/presentation on English Language Learners and the Common Core (based on my latest book) with the Learning First Alliance earlier this summer. Unfortunately, they used the Blab platform to record the interview, and Blab just closed down.

Fortunately, they were able to migrate the video to YouTube, so here it is (I have since installed a much better webcam on my computer :) ).

I’m adding this video to The Best Resources For Learning About Common Core Standards & English Language Learners.

August 26, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Another Excellent Issue Of ASCD’s Educational Leadership Is Now Online

I have regularly posted about ASCD’s amazing and free teaching and learning resources.

They’ve just shared another one – the latest issue of their flagship publication, ASCD Educational Leadership.

Most of the articles in it are behind a paywall but, as usual, some gems are available for free.

Here are the ones that stand-out to me:

What To Do In Week One? is another of Rick Wormeli’s outstanding efforts. Here’s an excerpt:


I’m adding it to Answers To “What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?”

Another very practical article is headlined Building Bridges with Students Who Have ADHD and is written by Lisa Medoff.

You’ll want to read, and watch, Show & Tell: A Video Column / Two Times Ten Conversations by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On Classroom Management.

And, lastly, of course. Carol Tomlinson’s regular column is one to always read. This month’s entry is titled One to Grow On / Fox Taming and Teaching.

August 25, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Join Me For A Discussion On “10 Strategies to Help Students Develop the Intrinsic Motivation to Write”


Public television and radio station KQED’s popular Mindshift blog is hosting me tomorrow, Friday, noon Pacific Time, at a Facebook Live discussion on “10 Strategies to Help Students Develop the Intrinsic Motivation to Write.”

Just go to their Facebook page at that time and you should see the live video feed. I’ll talk for awhile and then you can write in questions and share your own ideas, too!

The discussion will function as a sort of follow-up to an excerpt to one of my books published in at their blog headlined What Motivates A Student’s Interest in Reading and Writing.

August 24, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Share & Find Learning Resources At #JustTeacherSyllabus


Django Paris has begun the hashtag #JustTeacherSyllabus on social media, and it’s picking up a lot of steam with more and more educators sharing resources using it.

Here are a few tweets from him explaining the hashtag:

I’m adding this info to The Best Social Media-Created “Syllabuses” About Current Events.

August 24, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Request Free Kindle E-Readers For Your Classroom


Today, Amazon announced what it appears to be a substantial expansion of program donating Kindle e-Readers to schools, libraries and other nonprofits in the United States and around the world.

They call it the Kindle Reading Fund.

Interestingly, for schools and nonprofits that are interested, all they say is this:

Please email us at, and we’ll get back to you within 10 business days if we’re able to support your organization.

I wasn’t able to find any other guidelines for information they need.  I submitted a simple request, and will let you know what kind of response I receive from them.

They offer more specific information for a give-away program they are doing with the PTA here.

And here’s a video about their program in the developing world:

Thanks to TechCrunch for the tip.

You might also be interested in The Best Places To Learn About Education Grants.

August 23, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

New Resources On Starting The New School Year Strong

5524669257 (1)

Answers To “What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?” has been receiving many, many thousands of visits over the past month.

Here are some recent additions I’ve made to it:

Creating a Classroom Community: 5 First Day Activities for ELLs is from TESOL.

Icebreakers, Ice Breakers, Ice Breaker Games

The 7 Questions Your MS Students Ask First is from Middleweb.

10 ELL Must-Haves for the First Day of School is from TESOL.

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