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Show Beyond Audio Slideshows Again

Show Beyond is a great web application, and they fixed their audio problem. I posted a few weeks ago about Show Beyond, a free web application that allows you to create slideshows with audio.  I wrote about how it seemed like an...

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ELL/ESL/EFL Carnival!

The time for the second ELL/ESL/EFL Carnival has arrived!  A number of talented teachers (who are also bloggers) from all over the world have submitted posts that they felt (and I agreed) are particularly helpful and insightful...

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Show Beyond Audio Slideshows

As readers of this blog know, I think Voice Thread is a very good web application to produce audio slideshows.  Plus, they’ve been very generous in providing free premium memberships to educators. However, since they...

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Create A Talking Picture

Blabberize allows you to upload a picture of a person or animal and record a message that the picture speaks.  The lips on the image move in an exaggerated way as your message is being played. It’s just another fun way for...

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