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Classroom Escape Game

Here’s another “room escape” game that can be used for vocabulary and reading development with English Language Learners. It’s called Classroom Escape. Here’s the Walkthrough. I’ve placed the...

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Hotel Escape

Here’s another online video game that can be used for fun and for English-language development. In this one, you have to escape from a hotel room. It also has a lengthy walkthrough. I’ve placed the link on my website...

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Big Escape 3

Big Escape 3 is one of those online video games I post about here that I use with English Language Learners. However, the big difference between this one and most of the others is that Big Escape 3 was developed specifically as...

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Room Escape Game

Here’s another “room escape game” that provides excellent English-language-learning opportunities. This one is called P Sensor, and here’s the walkthrough. I’ve placed the link on my website under...

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