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References For Julie Lindsey Ed Week Post

References: Caravolas, M., Lervåg, A., Mikulajová, M., Defior, S., Seidlová-Málková, G., & Hulme, C. (2019). A cross-linguistic, longitudinal study of the foundations of decoding and reading comprehension ability. Scientific...

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Translanguaging References

References Ascenzi-Moreno, L. and Espinosa, C. (2018). Opening up spaces for their whole selves: A case study group’s exploration of translanguaging practices in writing. NYS TESOL Journal, 5 (1), pp. 10 -29. Craft, J. (2019)....

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Borkoski References

Bowker, M. H. (2010). Teaching students to ask questions instead of answering them. Thought & Action, 26, 127-134. Tofade, T., Elsner, J., & Haines, S. T. (2013). Best practice strategies for effective use of questions...

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