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Host Schools have been selected through a rigorous review process meeting 5 criteria including a principal with 5 or more years of experience, proficient or above on the Quality Review, students selected are not fully “screened”, evidence of promising practices in a chosen area of expertise, and the willingness and capacity to share their practices with two partner schools. Host schools will welcome visits from partner schools five times and make visits to their partner schools three times over the school year.

Light Contract Consortium Schools
are groups of schools that take an option not to follow union contract mandates in order to experiment with innovative ways to promote excellence for their own school and to expand possibilities for the system. Many opt for different ways to use time and monies but some are focused on experimenting with multiple measures to evaluate student and teacher performance or new ways to grow diversity within zone guidelines.

Teacher Advisory Teams are intended to engage a group of teachers in providing insight and guidance to policy conversations at the central office. At the school level, teachers are part of the School Leadership Team in every NYC school.