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  1. It’s great information for teaching and learning website. I like it.

  2. I am looking forward to interacting with this website and browsing all the wonderful suggestions, articles, and ideas!

  3. I love your blog. I use some of your recommendations since I found it. I think you are very nice sharing all your findings and ideas with the community of teachers around the world so we can all be better teachers and better learners.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

  4. If you don’t mind, I’ll be posting a link to your website and putting a plug in for your blog on our next newsletter.

  5. Found this site looking at the nominations for best edublog and just loved it. Many thanks. Look forward to receiving your newletter and updates.

  6. I am new to this techie stuff. Nevertheless, I am up and going now. I wanted to let you know that your website was helpful. Thank you for posting.


  7. Congratulations on your great work!

  8. Thanks for all the great info on pirates. My 6th grade classes greatly appreciated all the interesting information.

  9. I received a comment yesterday on how Feedblitz emails had stopped arriving for one user. I’m not sure what blog he’s subscribed (the issue wasn’t with this one) but there could be a handful of reasons why the email notifications are not arriving. However, today I noticed that my Feedblitz alerts, that I had previously setup for a few blogs, were now showing up in my Gmail spam box. I’m not sure what triggered the email to be marked as spam, however Gmail didn’t like it. my email is

  10. Thanks for all the inormation you are providing.

  11. As an ELL teacher always looking for best practices and new ways/ideas for better presenting the material. Also currently taking a linguistics course and the teacher recommended your site. thanks

  12. I loved all the Earth Day ideas.

  13. Where to start? I needed to homeschool my daughter partly because of my health and partly because she was missing so much needed learning from school and we live in a not so good school district. My daughter is a gifted student, i couldn’t possibly send to off this school year knowing what i know. I was on this search to find as many learning sites as possible, until i found your website. Thank god someone put this all together. I could not afford much as far as education. With the help of your site, i feel that my 4th grader is the richest kid with such educational websites. I don’t feel alone in this quest anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    From a loving mom

  14. Hi Larry,

    I know I’m just going to love your blog.

    Teaching is such fun. When teachers have fun their students do too and they learn so much better!

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  16. Larry, I’m a wrinkled Aussie former primary school teacher/principal/administrator who admires your personal efforts to help others. Down under here, Aussie & NZ, we are usually way ahead of anything up-over, but as good colonial boys we tend to copy what you folk have to offer and follow you blindly in almost all matters….so… our brilliant Aussie politicians copied Joel Klein’s fear-based high-stakes NY system of schooling….and are heading down hill fast.
    I’ve seen your work before and it is super. Please keep up the good work. One day!
    I have an email service {free} that I call The Treehorn Express named after the little hero in Patty Heide’s “The Shrinking of Treehorn”…because no adults took any notice of the problems that he had. Your readers are welcome to be included on the list.

  17. hi. I am an English teacher and has been teaching at Science High School at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia for 9 years. I have completed my teaching experiences and tips regarding everything that have shared in that school. I would love to share the contents of my blog with the rest of the world. Can I be a part of your organization?
    Thank you for reading.
    You may have a look at my blog at

  18. I’m trying to order the Kindle version of your newest book, and can’t seem to find it. Is it available?

  19. I have read both Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Eric Jensen’s Teaching with Poverty in Mind. Both authors have differing views on how educators can best support students in poverty. Payne’s framework does not offer any concrete steps that a school can take to benefit students of poverty. She does seem to stereotype and list characteristics of people in poverty. Jensen’s book takes a more positive approach on how schools can make changes to improve the success and environment of their school. In chapters 4 & 5 Jensen provides research and many strategies for creating change.

  20. Dear Larry,
    I thank you very much for your kind organization with all links and materials for EFL

  21. Hi. I want to start a conversation about grades. I read some of the postings, joined your blog, now I can’t seem to find the place about “grading”. Okay, here it is:

    What do you or anyone think about having an 8th grader grading papers in a 7th grade class while the teacher is present, AND the grader is announcing the grades as she checks each paper? The teacher is at her laptop recording as fast as the 8th grader can grade.

    I’ve been proudly teaching for 25+ years (so, in my heart-of-hearts I know this is not best practice, but let me hear from you and the group. 🙂

  22. This is my first time using a blog and so far I think is wonderful. I have found so many interesting topics in here. I am looking forward to exploring around.

  23. Looking forward to diving into this website in-dept for more and new ideas on ESL games plus.!!!

  24. Thanks for sharing this information, i learnt many thinks from your blog, this is really informative.

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