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December 17, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

The Best Visualizations Of Story Arcs

There are several neat visualizations showing the outlines of the most popular stories in the world.

I thought I’d bring some of them together here.

You can find related links at The Best Digital Storytelling Resources.

Here’s what I have so far:

I have to begin with this popular video:

How to tell a great story, visualized is from TED Talks.

The 7 universal story plots that still entrance audiences is from Sparkol.

The Six Main Arcs in Storytelling, as Identified by an A.I. is from The Atlantic.

The 6 Emotional Arcs of Storytelling, Why You Should Use Them, and Which One is Best is from No Film School.

The Shapes of Stories is from The University of Vermont.

22 Rules To Phenomenal Storytelling (Infographic)

Storytelling tips from the experts at Pixar

7 Storytelling Structures to Improve Your Presentations (Infographic) is from Entrepreneur.


December 14, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

“ReadWorks” Make Another Big Improvement – Audio Support For Comprehension Questions

I’ve written a lot about ReadWorks, a free and excellent site that lets teachers create virtual classrooms and makes texts very accessible to students.

My past posts have included:

“ReadWorks Digital” Came Online Today & It Looks Great!

“ReadWorks” Now Provides “Same” Texts At Different Level

“ReadWorks” Adds Highlighting & Text Annotation

Today, they announced that – in addition to providing audio support for the text in their articles – they have added an audio feature for their comprehension questions.

Here’s a video about it:

How to provide audio for question sets and vocabulary from ReadWorks on Vimeo.

November 9, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

Four New Additions To Best Sites For English Language Learners


Here are four new additions to The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites:

I’ve previously posted about E-Learning For Kids. They’ve added many additions online activities for math, English, Science and other subjects since that time.

EduTeach has lots of excellent video stories with closed captions.

These next two have a zillion animated stories perfect for ELLs.  And they’ve been awhile for a while.  However, I’ve been somewhat reluctant to share  or have my students use them because I know that similar sites have hosted the same stories after having stolen them.  Most of those sites that I know about have shut down, and these two have stayed around for many years.

I don’t know if that’s because they host the stories lawfully, or because they may be hosted in China, which sometimes does not enforce intellectual property rights very forcefully.

So. I’m adding them now, though will remove them if I learn they are stealing the stories from elsewhere.  Let me know if you have any information:

News 060s

E-Yep English Stories

I’m also adding these last three to The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers.

August 9, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

“Time-Travel” With Merriam-Webster To Learn When Words Entered The English Language

Time-Traveler is a feature at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary site that lets you choose any date going back to 1500. Then, it will show you what words entered the English language during that year.

It’s pretty neat, and The New Yorker just ran a column about it, Time-Travelling with Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

You might also be interested in:

The Best “Words Of The Year” Features For 2016

The Best Posts To Help Understand Google’s New “Books Ngram Viewer”

August 6, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

Eight Free Downloadable Children’s Books In Khmer – More On The Way (Maybe In Other Languages, Too)

The Asia Foundation’s Let’s Read Initiative has just released eight freely downloadable storybooks in the Khmer language (spoken by Cambodians). You can download them here – click on “Books.”

As ELL teachers know, there are many benefits to having students read in their home language, as well as in English (see The Best Resources Explaining Why We Need To Support The Home Language Of ELLs).

You can read more about the books project at the NBC News story, Volunteers Work to Give Kids in Cambodia Books in Their ‘Mother Tongue.’

Here’s an interesting video on the project, too. I’m hoping they replicate it in others Asian countries….

I’m adding this info to The Best Sources For Free & Accessible Printable Books.

June 27, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

A New NY Times “Copy-Edit This” Interactive Just Published

The New York Times has been periodically publishing a neat ten-question interactive challenging readers to identify grammar errors that have appeared in The Times.

It’s called “Copy-Edit This.”  It’s too hard for most ELLs, and some of the questions are even too hard for me!  But they might have some use in the classroom.

They just published Copy edit This! No. 7 Quiz.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to have tagged them in any way so you can access them at in one place.  However, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve been collecting all the links at Excellent Series Of Interactive “Copy-Edit This!” Quizzes In New York Times.

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