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June 22, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Video & Infographics: NASA’s “New Horizons” Spacecraft

NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft will be arriving at Pluto next month.

You can access tons of visuals and infographics on the mission at a special Pinterest page NASA has created about the mission.

And here’s a neat video the National Space Society has created:

You might also be interested in a ton of “Best” lists related to space you can find here. This is just a small sample:

The Best Sites For Learning About Planets & Space

The Best Sites To Learn About The Hubble Telescope

The Best Images Taken In Space

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April 25, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Believe It Or Not, Today Is World Penguin Day – Here Are Related Resources

Here’s some info on World Penguin Day:

Today is World Penguin Day, which aims to raise awareness for the importance of conserving penguins’ natural habitats.

The day coincides with the Adelié penguins’ return to Antarctica after months spent at sea – the area is home to 10,000 species, including Adelié and emperor penguins, but is under threat from human interference.

You might be interested in The Best Sites For Learning About Penguins.

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