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October 6, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Thousands Of Photos From Apollo Flights Now Available: Video & Links

Thousands of photos from Apollo flights have recently been made available.

You can see some of them at The Washington Post interactive, and others in the video below.

I’m adding this post to The Best Images Taken In Space.

Here’s the direct link to the Flickr account

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September 10, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Supermoon Coming On September 27th – Here Are Related Resources

The Next Supermoon is coming on September 27th.

Here is how The New York Daily News explains it:

A rare cosmic event will take place later this month, when people will witness the total lunar eclipse of a supermoon for the first time in more than 30 years.

The wild occurance, the first since 1982, will take place on Sept. 27 — and won’t happen again until 2033, according to NASA.

A supermoon is when the moon could appear up to 14% larger and up to 30% brighter, because it coincides with its perigree — the point in the lunar orbit when it’s closest to Earth.

During a total lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow — which blocks the sunlight reflecting off the moon, making it turn a reddish hue.

You might be interested in The Best Resources About The “Supermoon.”

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August 31, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Updates On Two Important Learning Resources: NY Times Learning Network & “Science In School”


I regularly blog about the great resources at The New York Times Learning Network, and not just because I write a weekly post for them about teaching English Language Learners :)

They just published 15 Ways to Use The Learning Network This School Year, and it gives an excellent overview of all the useful materials they’ll produce over the next ten months.

Another useful resource, which I haven’t blogged about previously, is called Science In School. It’s subtitled “The European Journal For Science Teachers” but it seems to me (who, admittedly, knows little about science) to have helpful materials for science teachers everywhere…

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