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One More Day To Share “What Did You Learn In 2009?”


Last year, and in 2007, I invited readers to share their thoughts for an annual January 1st post where people shared what they learned during the previous twelve months.

Many people responded, and I’m doing it again this year. The deadline is tomorrow.

Feel free to write one-to-three things you feel you’ve learned this year in the comments section of this post. I’m not going to give a specific restriction on their length, but please try to keep them short. Please submit them by December 28th. I’ll leave them in moderation until I include them in a January 1st post.

Also, please include a short sentence you’d like me to use to describe you.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Second graders can find appropriate images on the internet, copy them, paste them into a word processing document, write a sentence about the picture and save it in a folder with their name, inside of a folder with their grade, inside of a folder with another name.

    I teach Spanish literacy to students that speak Spanish at an elementary school in rural Oregon. When they learn more oral English, we transition them to reading in English.

  2. 1. Students are more savvy users than most teachers
    2. Teachers need professional development focused on Web 2.0 and computer basics
    3. Reinventing schools and classrooms now…is a requirement not a discussion for administration.

    Business retiree after 35 years with a fortune 200 company who is now loving students and working with technology in schools!!!

  3. I learned that taking the Web 2.0 tools I love to the K-12 classroom is harder than I thought. It is hard to convince teachers of the good in social networking and other web 2.0 tools out there. I am an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of West Alabama.

  4. I learned that the opportunity to loop with students and teach them for two (or more) years is invaluable, for both the teacher and the kids.

    I teach Language Arts at an urban school.

  5. I am a techy-type teacher and always-on learner from way-back.
    In 2009, I have learnt that:
    *the pace of change in what constitutes effective teaching practice is seriously challenging most teachers. This has resulted in a dire need for many to update their practice. The notion of being a lifelong learner has never been so relevant for genuine educators. This is a non-negotiable, individual responsibility.
    *web2.0 social media tools should be thoroughly assessed before teachers consider there use with students. This assessment would incorporate all the standard website content, functionality, age-suitability and eligibility criteria.
    *being youngish does not necessarily mean that effective teaching practice using computing technology will automatically occur. The capacity to select online resources and tools that will achieve identified learning outcomes is the key.
    Finally, 2010 will be even more exciting. Elaine

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