Galaxy It is a brand new search engine that looks like it might be useful for English Language Learners.  It’s still in its beginning stages, and has a number of bugs, but it holds a lot of potential.

You type in what you’re searching for, and then you’ll get text of the top seven results in boxes, with the center box holding your search term.  You then have the option of clicking on the “organized” version, which will continue to show your search term in the center, but the boxes around it will indicate various refined categories related to your search.

You can then move any of those refined categories in the center,  and then the seven top results related to that category appear in the boxes. 

You can use the same process for images, videos and news.

Not only can it help English Language Learners find what they’re looking for but it can also help them develop better categorization skills.

I’ve placed the link on my English Themes For Beginners page under Search Engines.