Get Munked is the latest weird example of viral marketing that might be useful to English Language Learners (see my TechLearning article from last year about viral marketing in the ESL classroom).

As a marketing gimmick for the new Chipmunks movie, you can record your voice or use a text-to-speech feature to have one of the singing Chipmunks speak your words.  You can then email its url for posting on a website or blog.

I suspect it won’t do much to help English Language Learners with their pronunciation to hear a Chipmunk version of what they say or write,  but it might be a fun little activity to do at the end of a Friday class.  And anything that promotes speaking or writing in English is certainly an asset.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student E-Cards.  It’s not really an E-Card, but a strange-sounding chipmunk didn’t deserve its own section on my website.