Addresses of sites on the web are constantly changing or going offline. With 8,000 categorized links designed for student self-access on my website, it’s an ongoing battle to keep them up-to-date. It’s pretty de-energizing to students if they click on a bunch of dead links.

I used to review the entire site and verify links every month, but that just got to be too much. I’ve now developed a schedule of doing it three times during a twelve-month period — during the summer, then during Winter Break, and then during the summer again.

On average, twenty or thirty links on my site either change or go off-line every month. That means if you or your students use the site right before I check it, you could find as many as two hundred dead links. That may sound like a lot, but it’s still a pretty small percentage of the 8,000 plus that are on the site.

If you do find dead links, though, I’d certainly appreciate your telling me about them.

In terms of this blog, I generally keep links on “The Best…” lists updated, but do not review the links in other posts.