I regularly share my picks for the most useful posts of each month. I also have tried publish a list of the month’s most popular posts, based on the number of times they are “clicked-on.” I’m very behind on that one, though.

I also share a list of Post Rank’s analysis of each month’s top posts. Post Rank uses a variety of ways to measure level of “engagement” that readers have with specific blog posts. I have a constantly updated “widget” on my blog’s sidebar that lists these posts, but I thought a monthly post would be helpful/interesting to subscribers who don’t regularly visit the blog itself.

Here are their rankings for the month of March:

  1. The Best Ways For English Language Learners To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly
  2. Jon Stewart & Diane Ravitch Knock It Out Of The Park!
  3. I Think This AASA Speech By Diane Ravitch Is The Best Commentary On Education I’ve Read Or Heard
  4. The Best Sites For Learning About The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
  5. Useful Updates On Japan Earthquake — Part Two
  6. Here’s Jon Stewart’s Great Piece On Teachers From Last Night
  7. The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”)
  8. Transcript (& Selected Highlights) From President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting On Education Today
  9. Broadcastr Will Be A Hit With English Language Learners (& Other Students)
  10. The Arrogance Of Bill Gates — Part Three
  11. Excellent Video Explaining Problem-Based Learning
  12. Create A Message With Letters Bouncing To Your Music
  13. The Best (& Easiest) Ways To Record Online Video Interviews
  14. How Stress Affects Our Students (& Their Parents) — Plus, How We’re Trying To Help
  15. “Hot Spot” Interview With An EFL Teacher — In The Middle Of The Japanese Disaster
  16. The Best Posts & Articles About “Erase To The Top”
  17. “Hot Spot” Interview With An EFL Teacher In The Tunisian Revolution
  18. The Best Ways To Make A Map Showing Your Facebook Friends (& Twitter Followers)
  19. “How to Raise the Status of Teachers”
  20. You Can Now Use Posterous For Email Newsletters
  21. Three Good Questions For Teachers To Ask Themselves (& Answer Them Here If You Feel Like It)
  22. Teaching Academic Vocabulary
  23. Good Blogging Advice
  24. The Best Articles Providing An “Overall” Perspective On Education Policy
  25. Story Corps Launches National Teachers Initiatve
  26. “Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions”
  27. The Difference Between “Curating,” “Aggregating” & “Creating”
  28. The Best Resources For Learning About Schools Providing Home Computers & Internet Access To Students
  29. The Best Learning Games For Advanced ELL’s & Non-ELL’s
  30. Wisconsin Update — Republicans Issue Arrest Warrants