TNTP has just come out with a big report announcing what every teacher who has had to go to a district-mandated professional development session knows — most PD is a waste of time.

And TNTP, being the “school reform” organization that it has shown itself to be time and time again in the past, continues that pattern by making this finding another excuse to primarily dish up their usual recommendations of what should be done instead (it does included a few decent ideas, but mostly ones that will just make things worse). As Tom Loveless wrote in this tweet:

You can read more about the report here:

Study: Billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste is from The Washington Post.

Is PD Behind Teacher Improvement? Maybe Not, Analysis Cautions is from Education Week.

Inside the New TNTP Research: Is Teacher Training Just An Expensive Waste of Time? is by Matt Barnum.

I wonder why so many researchers, and so many school districts, don’t consider the crazy idea of asking teachers what we think would be most helpful to us?

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