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Various tech writers in the blogosphere are very enthusiastic about a new online presentation-maker called Prezi. For example, GoToWeb20, an excellent blog that’s been on my RSS Reader for quite awhile (and which I’d recommend highly), described it this way:

[Prezi] allows people to create and perform stunning non-linear presentations with relations, zooming into details, and adjusting to the time left without the need to skip slides.

I’m sure that’s an accurate description of the service, but when I tried it out after I received an invitation, I was just as confused by how to use the application as I was by GoToWeb20’s description.

I attribute that completely, though, to my being a pretty non-tech-savvy person.  It’s cool-looking, fun to play with and, for people like me and for English Language Learners, far too confusing to use.

I had originally, and tentatively (before I tried it out), placed Prezi on The Best “Unusual” Ways To Create Online Presentations. It certainly will help you create an unusual presentation, but it’s just not suitable for ELL’s.

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  1. Do you know how to get registered for this site? They have you submit a “request” but I haven’t heard anything back. I don’t teach ELL, but I teach 4th graders struggling with reading/vocabulary skills. I think it would be great for them. Hopefully they’ll approve me soon. Great blog, by the way. Thanks.

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  3. Giving Prezi a shot this year with the 6th graders. Here’s some student work published today. The objective was for the kids to learn how to navigate the Prezi tools before our Lewis & Clark project. The kids love it, and I’m confident it’ll work out.


  4. The New York Times discovered Prezi.


  5. 6th grade Lewis & Clark projects. Put the sound on.


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