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Know Of ESL Software That Can Be Downloaded?


I just received the following email from EFL teacher Denise Morland. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment on this post:

I am going to be in Costa Rica soon and am trying to bring some materials to help out a very remote ESL school there. They have some brand new computers, but no ESL software or internet connection. I would love to download some software onto a flash drive and take it to them. Unfortunately the vast majority of what I find can’t be downloaded! Do you have any suggestions for games, vocabulary exercises, or other beginner ESL software that I can actually download (for free would be nice!)?

Denise Morland

(Jody Oliver suggests Educational Freeware)

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I have nothing to pass along… : ( But would love to hear what others have found so I can, if there is a reading class this year, find another resource to use with my EL students.

  2. I’d take a look at our Software 4 members page.

    Lots of downloads there, some specific to learning , some more general but necessary software… Plus each day we highlight a free Give away of the day – of major software. I have downloaded and save lots of money following this….


  3. About 5,000 sites to choose from at Note a Catalog of Software & other great Collaborative Resources are found with links to each of these helpful topics at top of each page of that CALL site, including software and these areas:
    CALL and computer-mediated communication curriculum exchange page;
    CALL4ALL Language Products Page – effective software for Language Learning (Language learning software at: );
    CALL-IS Software Summary;
    Best Online Collaboration Tools: MindMap by Robin Good;
    A-Z Directory of ~3,000 Online Learning Tools!

    Great CALL4ALL recommended language learning programs at a reasonable price. All programs are hybrid CDs, for use on either Mac or Windows computers. All of these Language Learning Software Programs have been tested and approved by CALL4ALL.US for their effectiveness in helping with language learning.

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