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“18 formats for handmade thinking in the classroom”

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This great Slideshare presentation on students using simple drawings in class has been making the rounds in the education blogosphere lately –first at Free Technology for Teachers and then at Langwitches. It’s worth reading both of their posts.

I think many teachers can get a few useful ideas off the slideshow….

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I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. THE BACK OF THE NAPKIN changed my approach to presenting material in my ELL (actually all) of my classes. I developed pictures to help explain, then asked students to come up with something better. After two years, I only use a couple of my own drawings, the rest are from my students. I’ll be posting them this year on my class blog. They include types of governments, economic concepts, environmental issues, and some other themes of social studies.

    Thanks for sharing the links.

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