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Online Learning Game Site Quizalize Adds New Feature I Like A LOT

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Quizalize is a relatively new addition to The Best Ways To Create Online Tests. It’s very similar to Kahoot.

My big critique of both Quizalize and Kahoot has been that neither have allowed students to see how they are faring against their classmates in answering the questions, which is an important component (used appropriately) in using them as games. That’s why I’ve featured an alternative called Quizizz on my The Best Websites For Creating Online Learning Games list over the first two. Quizizz lets students see their standing in the competition.

Even though I don’t think it’s been a problem in my classes for low-scoring students to see their low-standings because of the super-strong culture we develop around student challenges being around learning the English language and not about intelligence, I can see that problem potentially being an issue in many content classes.

Quizalize has just announced a new feature that I think deals with that problem — now students are automatically grouped in teams and the teams compete against each other, plus students see how their teams are doing.

This is how I typically organizing learning games in the classroom, and I think it’s simple, yet ingenious, that Quizalize figured out how to do it automatically online.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. I am very impressed by this one! The data crunching that it does is astounding! I am using it for pre-tests and as alternate assessment material. Because of the way it works it can also be “flashcards”.

    The team is very quick to respond to questions. I generally hear back within a few hours if not more quickly.

    Thank you so much for this tip! I am excited to see the Zzish end grow as having a bunch of linked apps with data would be incredible.

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