Angles Online is a very graphic and audio rich site that has many activities, including ones for music, movies, and ads.  It’s designed like an online school, with various “floors.”  You can find it under a category called Favorite Sites, but these Favorite Sites are different from the category I’ve talked about in previous posts.  The category where you’ll find this particular link is on my English Themes For Intermediate and Advanced Students page.  The other, and more heavily-used section, is on my English Themes for Beginner and Early Intermediate page.

Sorry if that’s a bit confusing.  One of these days I’ll get around to “cleaning-up” some things on my site, but I don’t know when.

There are a few other excellent sites appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced students under that same category.  The Angles Online link is called “English Isn’t Boring” (that’s the theme of the site).  It’s been on my website for quite sometime, but appears to have recently undergone an upgrade.