I just learned about a site called Simple Spark via the TechCrunch blog.  Simple Spark is a compilation, continually updated, of new Web 2.0 web applications.  It’s well organized and easy to navigate. 

I was able to find ten new (to me) free online web applications that would be great to use with English Language Learners and, in fact, any students.   And I was able to find those ten in less than fifteen minutes of browsing the site!

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be highlighting these ten and the many others that I’m sure to find on Simple Spark.   But I thought I’d share this site with others now in case you didn’t want to wait to read my posts.  I’d love to hear about any gems you find.

There are a number of other compilers of new web applications out there, some of which are quite good, like Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day.  But I’ve got to say that Simple Spark is the most comprehensive and most usable “catalogue” of new ones that I’ve found.  I’ll be a regular visitor!

Of course, this means I’ll continue to be challenged with the fact that there just isn’t enough time in the school-day to have my students work with all these new tools.    I’ll be experimenting to see which of these new applications truly bring an added value to  the experience of learning, and which are just glitzy toys.  Of course, playing with a toy now and then is okay, too…..