I have three sites on my Examples of Student Work page where students can design and create their own virtual houses.  Both sites are listed, unsurprisingly, in the category named Student Houses.

One, which has been on my website for awhile, is from the school that Frank Lloyd Wright founded and is called Architect Studio 3D.  It’s a nifty application, but it’s only appropriate for very Advanced English Language Learners.

I’ve just added a new link, though, that’s great for all levels of English Language Learners.  This is from Benjamin Moore Paints and allows you to choose a house and specific rooms.  Then, you can choose different colors for them.  Finally, you can write about them and save them, all on Benjamin Moore’s site.

A brand new site is called 30 Elm.  There, you can look through many pictures of homes and rooms, pick the ones you like, and then write about them.  Others can then easily access online what you’ve picked and what you’ve written, and even comment on it.

Once again, I don’t think doing this online provides any distinct advantage over just using colored pencils and paper, or by cutting out pictures from magazines and writing about them,  and then posting designs on the classroom well.  It’s just a fun alternative that can also help students develop their computer skills.