This is Blog Day 2007.  Bloggers around the world are being encouraged to highlight five newer blogs that might target a different audience than their own.

Here are my five:

* Adventures of an Urban Reading Teacher shares the thoughtful reflections of….an urban reading teacher in Los Angeles.

* Ed Tech Solutions — Teaching Every Student is not a real “new” blog, but readers of this blog might not be familiar with it.  It shares good information, resources and commentary particularly focused on working with students who have special needs.

* Random Ramblings shares helpful resources and information from a middle school technology coordinator in North Carolina.

* I mentioned Phyllis’ Favorites a few days ago.  A librarian finds gems on the Internet.

* Again, I don’t know how “new” it is, but the Blog of Ms. Mercer offers some of the most insightful thoughts on the classroom that I see in the blogosphere.

* I’m cheating here by adding a sixth that I learned about from Ms. Mercer.  Kobus van Wyk works with technology and children in South Africa, and has a great way of using parables and folktales to talk about it.

Check them out!