Mashable posted today about a neat new site called Blink Box.  It’s another example of viral marketing, and I’ve written before how I use these advertisements with English Language Learners.

Blink Box is basically focused on selling DVD’s to people.  Once you register (it takes a minute) you can choose from numerous different movie clips.  You easily edit a clip of less than one minute, and then write a short message.  You then email the url and post it on a website or blog.  Here’s one I developed in about thirty seconds. 

The marketing part of it comes at the end of your “blink box” when you can click and purchase the movie if you want.

This is a quick, easy and fun opportunity for English Language Learners to practice their listening and writing skills to edit a video clip and connect it logically to a short text they write.

I’ll be posting this link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Movies.