The rapid expansion of Web 2.0 applications is just amazing.  One of the sites on my Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education — 2007 may be getting displaced, and now here’s another one that might get knocked off — just one week after I made the list!

I had put on the “Best of…” list.  Students can identify images off the web and create “data sets” with them (See my original post to learn more about that teaching strategy).  It’s a great bookmarking site.

Today, I learned about one that might be even better. It’s called oSkope.

Users first search the Web for images.  Then you can drag-and-drop the ones you want into a “My Folder.”  Next, you can write about them as a group and email the My Folder link to yourself or a teacher to be posted on an online journal or blog.  It couldn’t be easier.

It’s a great site.  Ideally, it would be nice to be able to write a tag or description under each photo you put in My Folder.  I’ve emailed asking them if that might be possible in the future.

I’ll have to play around with it a little more before I definitely says it replaces, but it looks awfully good.

I’ve placed the link on my English Themes For Beginners page under Search Engines.