I learned about a site called Walk2Web today.  It doesn’t seem to me to have any overt education uses.  However,  it is pretty cool-looking, and it can be used by teachers as a tool to find additional resources.

Basically, it allows you to see a visualization of all sites (including screenshots) that are linked to a particular webpage — both with incoming and outgoing links.  This web not only looks neat, but I was quickly able to identify a couple of other websites that I want to look at more carefully.

I know I’ve read somewhere about other web applications that allow you to do something like this, but I’d be surprised if they have some of the features of Walk2Web, which include making it easy to preview and bookmark the sites you’re most interested in.  It also allows you to do a bunch of other stuff I didn’t have the time to figure out. 

It has audio, so don’t be surprised when you hear it “speak” the name of the sites you look at.

Let me know if you have any other ideas about how this can be used effectively in the classroom.

(Note: After this was first posted, Ken Pendergrass pointed out in the comments that some inappropriate images could be seen on the site.  That obviously eliminates it for student use, though I think it might still be useful for teachers).