Karaoke Play is a new online site that lets you sing a favorite song and record it online.

Singing karaoke is an excellent way for English Language Learners to develop language skills. Students can do it individually or as a group.

There are several other online karaoke sites. What makes Karaoke Play a bit different from the others is that, in addition to showing the lyrics you need to sing, it shows a music video of the song. This difference also makes it more problematic for students. The videos are from You Tube, and most school districts block it. So, even though the site itself might get through District filters, students won’t see anything when they pick a song because the video will be blocked.

If you one of the few Districts that don’t block YouTube, it’s certainly worth giving Karaoke Play a try. If not, stick with the excellent Sims On Stage site for singing practice.

You’ll find karaoke, and other music links, on my website under Student Songs.