(Note: This is basically a reprint of a post from last week)

A number of readers who use Bloglines, and subscribe to different feeds from this blog, haven’t received updated posts from here for the past two weeks, or have only received them intermittently. However, Bloglines users who have subscribed over the past few months haven’t had the same problem.

The reason for this is a few months ago this blog switched to a Feedburner feed, which Bloglines picks-up without any problem. Off and on, though, it has problems picking-up the regular feeds (including the “atom” feed) from Edublogs (which is Bloglines’ fault, not Edublogs — all other RSS Readers update without any issues). These are the feeds that most “older” Bloglines subscribers use.

If you haven’t been receiving daily updates from this blog over the past couple of weeks, just start subscribing to this Feedburner feed and you shouldn’t have any further difficulties.

All of the nearly 200,000 Edublogs are having the same problem with Bloglines, so, if you subscribe to any others, you probably want to check-in “manually” to see if they have any updates. All Edublogs that are “Edublogs Supporters” now have a Feedburner feed.

I, and many others, have also dealt with the problem by switching to Google Reader for all our subscriptions. In fact, any other RSS Reader would probably be better.