(Editor’s Note:Kathy Shields took a little more time than I did to review the content of Go Animate, and found a fair amount of inappropriate content. So, even though it’s a great tool, I have to pull my recommendation.)

Go Animate is a pretty darn cool new online animation application. It’s a little more complicated than the other sites I’ve listed on my The Best Ways For Students To Create Online Animations, but I still think that most English Language Learners will be able to figure it out, and the results look so great!

You can post the link to your creation or embed it.

One question mark as the site grows will be how well they can ensure that classroom inappropriate content is not accessible on the site. I wasn’t able to find any now, but that’s the only caveat I have. Before you let your students try it out in the fall just check to make sure the site’s screening system as as rigorous then as it appears to be now.

Thanks to Mashable for the tip.