TechCrunch, probably the most popular tech-oriented blog in the world, is sponsoring a big conference most of this week called TechCrunch 50.

At the conference, fifty Web 2.0 start-ups (the fifty TechCrunch has determined to be the best this year after what appears to be exhaustive research and interviews) are unveiling their products. If you click on the TechCrunch 50 link, you’ll see the logos (and links) of each of the fifty companies. Each of their websites go “live” after they present at the conference.

If you’re interested in the latest tech news, it’s definitely worth checking out the TechCrunch blog and looking at these fifty new companies. I haven’t seen any so far that appear to be particularly applicable to education, but a couple that will be presenting in the second half of the week look like they might have some potential.