Even though I teach a U.S. History class to English Language Learners in the computer lab each morning (part of my experiment to teach one class entirely using technology and another without and see how the assessments compare) I also try to include some non-U.S. History related current events in the class. I thought on Monday morning we’d talk a bit about the terrorist attacks in India, and looked for the best accessible resources online.

Here is what I’ve found so far:

CBBC Newsround has an accessible summary about the events in India.

Time Magazine has slideshow called Two Days Of Terror In Mumbai

The New York Times has two slideshows — Rescue Efforts In Mumbai and Terror Continues In Mumbai.

The NY TImes also has a very accessible interactive graphic showing the attack sites.

MSNBC’s slideshow is called Attacks In Mumbai.

The India Times has several photo galleries on the attacks.

Here’s an audio slideshow from Australia discussing who and what is behind the attacks.

The Simple English Wikipedia has an accessible, and continually updated, summary of the events.

Here’s a simple interactive from Canada about the attacks that also gives some basic information about the country of India.

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture feature has some incredible images from India.

Breaking News English has a lesson called Questions Asked About Mumbai Attacks.

CNN has a very accessible map of the different areas targeted by terrorists this week. One feature that makes it stand-out from other similar maps is that it shows a series of images with simple captions when you click on each location that takes you through the events of the last four days.

Mumbai After The Smoke Has Cleared will be, I suspect, the last addition to this list.  It’s from the Boston Globe’s “Big Picture” feature.

Mumbai Picking Up The Pieces is the title of a TIME Magazine slideshow that I’m adding to this list.

Remembering Mumbai’s Victims is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal published a year after the attacks.

Mumbai Still Vulnerable on Anniversary of Attacks is a New York Times slideshow also published a year after the attacks.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for additional resources, too.