Cha Map is a tool for collaboration in real-time that has several features that make it unique among other tools on The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration

Cha Map lets you create a private virtual chat room almost immediately where you can chat while you’re looking at a map.   You can supposedly chat with speakers of other languages by using its automatic translation system.  Plus, there appears to be some way to use images, too.

Between not having time to fully explore it this morning and the rather rough English instructions on the site itself, I just can’t explain it fully right now.  I’ll check it out more later today, but would be very interested in hearing from other people who try it out, too.

Because of its intriguing elements, I’m tentatively placing Cha Map on the ‘The Best…” list I mentioned earlier even though I haven’t had time to figure out all the details on how it works.  I might remove it, though, once I do.