As most readers know, one of the purposes of this blog is to update new links I add to my website.

That site is designed for student self-access, and has nearly 9,000 categorized links that are accessible to English Language Learners.

Generally, I “verify” those links two-or-three times a year to make sure they’re still working. It can be pretty frustrating for students to click on a lot of “dead” links.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done it since January of this year, and probably won’t get around to doing it until late fall. Based on my past experience, this means there will probably be up to three hundred or so dead links scattered throughout the site. Of course, that’s still not too bad if you consider it’s out of 9,000, but it can a bit of a hassle.

Sorry.  I’ve just got too many other things on my plate right now.