A blog post titled “I Hate Reading Logs,” says FedUp Mom has been making the rounds on Twitter (thanks to Dawn Morris for the tip).  In it, a mother speaks strongly against the idea of signing-off on her child’s reading each night.

Pretty much the only homework that I require in my classes that is actually done at “home” (I always provide classtime for other “homework”) is that students read a book — any book — for at least thirty minutes, four nights each week. They can write down the title of the book in their school-supplied calendar or even just on a sheet of paper if they don’t have their planner. Then parents have to sign-it — that’s it — the title of the book and the parent signature.   I check the “log” each Friday.  I think the parent signature helps a bit for accountability.

I figure that this minimal requirement is not too onerous, and that students who are readers already probably do this amount of reading on their own, and that it gives those who are not readers enough of a push that they might be pleasantly surpised they like it.

What’s your perspective on this?  Do I think I should do something differently?